Ryans Breakfast Menu

breakfast menu


Tuesday – Friday 6.30am-9.00am                     Saturday – Monday 7.30am 9.30am


ace breakfast   20.00

Fried eggs, bacon, chipolatas, tomato, mushrooms, hash browns served with ciabatta loaf with a complimentary juice


vegetarian breakfast   17.50

Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, wilted spinach, hash browns and baked beans served with ciabatta loaf with a complimentary juice


ace omlette 15.00

Ham, spinach, cheese, tomato and mushrooms


eggs benedict 15.50

Poached eggs with ham and spinach served on english muffins topped with hollandaise sauce


croissant   11.50

Bacon, cheese and tomato - grilled


pancakes   13.50

Served with maple syrup, mixed berries and vanilla mascarpone


eggs on toast   10.50

Scrambled, poached or fried eggs served with ciabatta loaf


cereal   5.50

Choice of cornflakes, just right and muesli (full cream or skim milk)


compote fruit   5.50

Choice of apricots, peaches and plums


yoghurt   5.50

Choice of vanilla or strawberry


toast   4.50

Choice of white, wholemeal, multigrain or raisin (2 slices per serve). With either vegemite, jam, marmalade or honey


extras with cooked breakfast   2.50 each

Baked beans, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, hash browns or mushrooms


Complimentary self-serve tea, coffee and juice