Ryans Breakfast Menu

Monday – Saturday 7.30am - 9.30am



kings breakfast 20.00

Double smoked pulled beef, gratinated potatoes, poached eggs, white vienna toast, finished with hollandaise sauce and sweet tamarind glaze. (Add bacon $3.50, grilled tomato $2.50, mushrooms $4.00)


eggs benedict 16.00

Poached eggs with bacon and wilted spinach topped with hollandaise on white vienna toast (Add extra bacon $3.50, wilted spinach $3.00, mushrooms $4.00)


vegetarian eggs benedict 16.00

Poached eggs with mushrooms and wilted spinach, topped with hollandaise on white vienna toast (Add smashed avocado $3.00, wilted spinach $3.00, mushrooms $4.00)


chilli scrambled eggs 18.00

Creamy scrambled eggs on white vienna toast, finished with aioli and side serve of chilli garlic sauce (Add bacon $3.50, smashed avocado $3.00, smashed peas $2.50)


crossiant double smash with bacon & cheese 15.00

Bacon and cheese grilled crossiant with smashed avocado and smashed peas on the side (Add extra bacon $3.50, grilled tomato $2.50, mushrooms $4.00, smashed avocado $3.00, smashed peas $2.50)


ryans waffles 16.00

House made waffles with honey pecans, vanilla ice cream, dusted with cinnamon sugar and nuts


pancakes 16.00

Made in house, served with maple syrup, mixed berries and vanilla mascarpone


gratinated broccoli and cauliflower cheese 18.00

served with smashed peas, roasted cherry tomatoes on white vienna toast


breakfast bruschetta 15.50

Traditional bruschetta served on a crusty baguette, topped with poached eggs finished with a hollandaise and Italian balsamic glaze


bao buns with pork belly 19.50

Two steamed bao buns with pork belly in a sweet Asian sauce


continental breakfast 15.50

Choice of cornflakes, just right or muesli (full cream or skim milk)

Choice of apricots, peaches or plums compote

Choice of vanilla or strawberry yoghurt

Choice of white, wholemeal, multigrain or raisin toast (2 slices per serve)

with vegemite, jam, marmalade or honey



cappuccino  4.50

Single shot of espresso coffee with hot frothed milk and sprinkled with chocolate

latte  4.50

hot chocolate  4.50

Drinking chocolate with steamed milk, chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows

tea  3.00

English breakfast, Earl Grey, Lipton or Green tea

apple juice, orange juice  4.00