our seafood at ryans

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While enjoying our menu you may have noticed a particular focus on specialty seafood dishes. At Ryan’s Restaurant we value (and enjoy!) fresh seafood and strive to showcase the finest variety of local fish.


Ace Fishing was established in March 2016 to supply Ryan’s Restaurant with the freshest catches of the day. Caught entirely in Albany waters, primarily over the continental shelf at depths of 150m – 500m, a small team head out whenever the weather permits to catch whatever’s biting!


The boat is a 9.3m Air Rider with two 300 horsepower Suzuki Motors. It is set up with electric reels but there’s still plenty of work to do on board! Ace Fishing supplies Ryan’s Restaurant with fresh fish on a weekly basis, and what we catch plenty of, we supply to Great Southern Seafoods.


Here’s a look at some of the fish you can enjoy at Ryan’s Restaurant 


blue eye trevalla


Also known as the Arctic Butter Fish and Bluenose Sea Bass, the Blue Eye Trevalla is a thick bodied finfish and is considered by many as one of the finest table fish caught in Southern waters. With a length up to 1.4m and a weight of 50kg, it is mostly found in depths ranging from 300m – 800m.




Hapuka, or Whapuku, are found in southern Australia in depths between 150m – 800m. They can grow to lengths of 180cm and weigh up to 80kg. Hapuka are highly rated eating fish with a firm white flesh and are considered one of the tastiest fish in our waters.


saddle back cod


The Saddle Back Cod is another great eating sea fish with firm white flesh and milder in flavor to some other deep sea fish. They can reach a length of 130cm and weigh up to 100kg, and are most often caught in depths of 100 – 500m.




You will often see Nannygai as our Fish of the Day as they are one of the easier fish to catch! Nannygai prefer deeper, cooler waters of around 30m – 200m and weigh around 2kg. Their tasty meat is lovely to enjoy in our lemon and butter sauce!




One of the finest tasting fish you can get, Dhuie are native to the waters around Western Australia, and can normally be found in deep reefy areas. Dhufish can reach lengths of 120cm and weigh 30kg.


breaksea cod


The Breaksea Cod is a fantastic eating fish that is closely related to the coral trout. Breaksea Cod can be found all along the waters of Western Australia and are prevalent in the Albany region. Congregating over offshore reefs from 10 – 100 metres, these fish can grow up to 60cm and can weigh around 2kg.


bass grouper


Bass Grouper are an extremely rare and highly sought after deep water species. They are found primarily in deep ledges and canyons with water depths ranging from 250-550m. It is unknown exactly how large the Bass Grouper can grow, as they are rare on the commercial fishing market, however it is estimated they weigh between 25-45kg.